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Our Story


Every Child needs to explore and build memories with their Veldties

As a mother and paediatric physiotherapist my heart is for children and their development. My desire is to ensure that from a young age ALL children, have access to PROPER footwear to ensure adequate gait, balance and coordination development.
As a mother and therapist I strongly believe barefoot is best for growing little feet, but is not always feasible. The commercialised market is over crowded with stiff, uncomfortable, trip hazard and sometimes just too-heavy-to-be-able-to-walk children shoes.
Our Veldties soft sole shoes provide the ideal package:
  • The ability for toes to move freely
  • Feeling of a "second skin" and closest resemblance to barefoot walking
  • 100% Genuine leather for moisture absorbency
  • Ethically and responsibly made with added durability

Veldties name originate from the rich grasslands of South Africa called ‘veld’ (pronounced /vɛlt/) in our native Afrikaans language, or “field” in English. The name was chose to resemble veld of our young ones. And so Veldties (pronounced /vɛltis/) was born!

Ethical and Fair

Our factory are committed to the lives of our craftsmanships, their families and livelihoods. The craftsmen are paid a fair wage. We believe in the growth of the local community and employ locals to ensure employment and sustainability for the area. At Veldties we aspire to leave an eco friendly foot print with our designs. You can rest assure when your little one wears our shoes, not only will they feel comfortable but also support families in need.