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Vedlties Design Inspiration

Veldties are soft, hand crafted for maximun quality and comfort. Our Shoes are made using only Full-grain natural leathers that ensures more flexibility, are stonger and breathable. 


Veldties are backed by research and designed by parents who care, specifically for little feet. Our shoes cater to the specific needs of tiny feet worldwide.

Our soft leather soles are designed to give tiny feet the closest feel to walking barefoot. Shoe flexibility allow for proper foot development and strengthening, leaving your baby free to focus on more important things, like having fun, learning to walk and run freely

Veldties are made from real unlined leather, therefor they absorb moisture and allow feet to breathe ensuring tiny toes are comfortable all year round. The outer soles are made from soft, flexible, slip-resistant suede ensuring grip when bub needs it most. Designed with a wide and spacious toe area in mind, wiggly toes can move around and strengthen freely. 

Great for crawling and toddling, indoor and light outdoor use, Veldties are durable. Veldties are the sensible shoe choice for developing feet worldwide.

Why soft sole shoes? 

Thanks to recent advances in podiatric science, parents are choosing health-conscious footwear for their little ones.

The importance of foot health from a young age and how shoes should honour a foot’s natural form has become more pertinent over the last few years. The muscles and tendons in baby feet need a full range of motion to stretch, strengthen and grow correctly. Soft sole shoes allow feet to move in all the ways nature intended whilst protecting them at the same time.

Shoes that are too restrictive, especially in the toe area, stop toes from spreading apart naturally preventing proper posture and balance. Veldties allow your little one's feet to grip, give them room to grow and strengthen. Our shoes promote natural balance and proper posture - they are lightweight and support the ability to walk.

Mum tested and approved - you can rest assured knowing your little one’s feet are growing naturally and looking their best with Veldties. 


Why do we use leather? 


As leather is a bi-product of an animal, so it means it is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and does not contribute to landfill. Also we have looked at "vegan-leather", but it did not align with our ethos of NO PLASTIC as all vegan-leather needs a form of plastic in them to improve their quality and strength.

Leather has amazing natural capabilities like keeping feet cool in summer by being a natural sweat obsorber and warm in winter, whilst not needing to wear socks. Leather molds to the shape of childrens feet, giving the real definition of soft sole plus barefoot walking. The reverse side of leather provides great gripping for feet when worn, allowing children to explore and play freely.

As a company we are very cautions about our environmental foot print, to minimise wasting and ensuring a greener, brighter future for the next generation.